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Novosad's BBQ & Sausage Market is a family business that  was established in Hallettsville, Texas in 1959 by J.J. Novosad.​ J.J.'s father traveled to Texas from Czechoslavakia with his famous sausage recipes and started selling BBQ. J.J. took over the business and sold several restaurants around Texas, including what is today the Mikeska's chain, before opening Novosad's in Hallettsville. 

The Best BBQ in Texas History



Nathan Novosad with his grandma, Hildegarde Novosad c. 1990

Nikolas Novosad with his great grandma, Hildegarde Novosad c. 1990

J.J. Novosd with his wife, Hildegarde Novosad c. 1980

*Novosad means new orchard in Czech, and it is the

name of a historical Czechoslavakian village. It is located in the

Trebišov District of modern day Slovakia.

J.J. Novosad c. 1977

The Novosad family c. 1980

Nathan Novosad taking brisket off the pit

c. 2010

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