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Artisan Sausage

Pork & Beef Sausage

Heaven in a pork casing! These juicy Czech-style sausages are handmade hot links that come from J.J.'s old recipe that contains a zesty blend of spices. These sausages hit the spot for those who like a little spice and doesn't overwhelm those who can't take the heat.

Breakfast Sausage

Look no further for an easy, delicious breakfast for your family or for guests. This handmade sausage is great on its own, as a side, or mixed with scrambled eggs.

Homemade Weiners

Kids want hotdogs, but you hate feeding them over- processed, God-knows-what's-in-it, store-bought weiners? These delicious weiners are handmade and contain no fillers whatsoever. Get them by the pound for your next party!​

Dry Sausage

Winter Special

Head Sausage

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